In the belief of continuous growth and forward integration, the mission continues where Sharif Metals International decided to serve diverse customer needs. As a result, production of aluminium alloys was started a decade ago.

Currently Sharif’s combined production capacity is estimated at 25,000 TPA to 28,000 TPA. Secondary Aluminium alloy ingots are produced to various international specifications ranging from most commonly produced alloys such as ADC-12 and LM-6 to special high purity alloys such as AC4B.2

Meticulously segregated diverse range of raw materials such as Tense, Talon, profiles Taint/tabor and many more are used along with alloying metals such as Silicon, Copper, Manganese etc. to produce ingots confirming to the specifications required.

Additional metal treatment such as grain refinement & modification are done using titanium and strontium depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Plant configuration consists of  8 MT UK made Reverberatory Furnace, 5 MT Tilting Rotary Furnace(TRF), and T-Masters & Sons UK ingot casting conveyor. Other support process equipment are also installed.

Our plant confirms to ISO 9001 standard and preparations are underway for certification to 14001 & 18000 standard. We are pleased to mention having received appreciation certificates from major Japanese automobile manufacturers.

High importance is given to quality control from the stage of raw materials receipt till the finished products are dispatched. ARL 3460 optical emission spectrometer is used for product certification as well as various hand held spectrometer for on-site sorting of raw materials are employed.

Some of the grades which are produced are listed below, however we can produce alloys confirming to any standard or customer requirement.

ADC-12 AC4B AC8A A380 AISi-132
LM24 LM2 LM6 A3105 AC2A

We are now proudly announcing launch of new plant which shall further augment the capacity, this facility is scheduled to start production by mid 2014. This new plant is state of art, purpose built & well integrated with Japanese technology and know how.

Hence aluminium alloys produced from this new plant will not confirm to contractual specs but also manufactured under Japanese quality philosophy which is to ensure products to the customer with zero defect each and every time.